We focus on expanding our boundaries. Our growing clientele continues to give us the opportunity to equip ourselves to match the change in the international standards and to implement them in our future endeavours. We look at every new assignment as a challenge to grow and to give our clients more than they demand for. WLME has been clearly established itself as one of the top most leader in Precision Mechanical Engineering Industries and also continue to contribute its support to the global markets in order to grow our leadership position. We have been widely recognized as the best choice of employer by our prestigious clients listed below:
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Myojo Foods Company (Singapore) Private Limited was established in September, 1970. Myojo is the first company to manufacture instant noodle in Singapore since February 1971. From the initial most popular Myojo Chicken Tanmen which was much sought after by consumers, our product range has been increased to present stage of 32 varieties which comes in the form of packet, bowl and cup to cater to the needs of the locals as well as overseas market.

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